Vocabulary List. GCSE Latin. OCR GCSE in Latin: J281/J081 Unit A401 Higher Tier - PDF Free Download (2023)


1 Vocabulary List GCSE Latin OCR GCSE in Latin: J281/J081 Unit A401 Higher Tier This Vocabulary List accompanies the OCR GCSE Latin specification for teaching from September OCR 2008

2 Unit A401 word list HT Page 1 OCR 2008 OCR GCSE Latin J281/J081 - Vocabulary List (Unit A401) Higher Tier This vocabulary list is required for Latin GCSE Unit A401. The list for Foundation Tier comprises 200 words (marked FT). Higher Tier candidates will be expected to know these 200 words and a further 100 words (marked HT in this list). In addition to the words printed in the list, candidates will be expected to be familiar with the following forms: all regular adverbs formed from the listed adjectives; comparative and superlative forms of all listed adjectives and corresponding adverbs; cardinal numbers 1 to 10; compound verbs which are formed by using the prefixes printed in the list (e.g. remitto, I send back) All other words in a passage will be glossed. When a listed word appears in a passage with a meaning that is not listed, it will be glossed. FT a, ab + ablative (also used as prefix with verbs) preposition from, away from, by FT ac, atque indeclinable conjunction and HT accipio accipere, accepi, acceptus verb 3 accept, take in, receive ad + accusative (also used as prefix with preposition to, towards, at FT verbs) FT advenio advenire, adveni verb 4 arrive FT aedifico aedificare, aedificavi, aedificatus verb 1 build FT ago agere, egi, actus verb 3 do, act, drive HT alius alia, aliud pronoun/adjective other, another, else HT alter altera, alterum pronoun/adjective the other, another, the second of two FT ambulo ambulare, ambulavi verb 1 walk FT amicus amici, m noun 2 friend FT amo amare, amavi, amatus verb 1 love, like FT amor amoris, m noun 3 love FT ancilla ancillae, f noun 1 slave-girl, slave-woman FT animus animi, m noun 2 spirit, soul, mind FT annus anni, m noun 2 year HT appropinquo appropinquare, appropinquavi + dative verb 1 approach, come near to FT aqua aquae, f noun 1 water HT ars artis, f noun 3 art, skill FT ascendo ascendere, ascendi, ascensus verb 3 climb FT audio audire, audivi, auditus verb 4 hear, listen to HT auxilium auxilii, n noun 2 help FT bene indeclinable adverb well HT bibo bibere, bibi verb 3 drink FT bonus bona, bonum adjective good HT caelum caeli, n noun 2 sky, heaven FT canis canis, m and f noun 3 dog FT capio capere, cepi, captus verb 3 take, catch, capture HT caput capitis, n noun 3 head FT celer celeris, celere adjective quick, fast FT cena cenae, f noun 1 dinner, meal HT ceteri ceterae, cetera adjective the rest, the others FT cibus cibi, m noun 2 food HT circum + accusative preposition around FT civis civis, m and f noun 3 citizen FT clamo clamare, clamavi, clamatus verb 1 shout FT clamor clamoris, m noun 3 shout, shouting, noise HT cognosco cognoscere, cognovi, cognitus verb 3 get to know, find out HT consilium consilii, n noun 2 plan, idea, advice HT conspicio conspicere, conspexi, conspectus verb 3 catch sight of, notice FT constituo constituere, constitui, constitutus verb 3 decide FT consumo consumere, consumpsi, consumptus verb 3 eat HT convenio convenire, conveni verb 4 come together, gather, meet HT credo credere, credidi, creditus + dative verb 3 believe, trust HT crudelis crudele adjective cruel FT cum + ablative preposition with FT cum indeclinable conjunction when, since HT cupio cupere, cupivi, cupitus verb 3 want, desire FT cur? indeclinable adverb why? FT curro currere, cucurri, cursus verb 3 run HT custodio custodire, custodivi, custoditus verb 4 guard

3 Unit A401 word list HT Page 2 OCR 2008 FT de + ablative preposition from, down from, about FT dea deae, f noun 1 goddess HT debeo debere, debui, debitus verb 2 owe, ought, should, must HT deinde indeclinable adverb then HT deleo delere, delevi, deletus verb 2 destroy FT descendo descendere, descendi, descensus verb 3 go down, come down FT deus dei, m noun 2 god FT dico dicere, dixi, dictus verb 3 say HT difficilis difficile adjective difficult HT discedo discedere, discessi verb 3 depart, leave HT diu indeclinable adverb for a long time FT do dare, dedi, datus verb 1 give FT doceo docere, docui, doctus verb 2 teach FT domina dominae, f noun 1 mistress FT dominus domini, m noun 2 master HT donum doni, n noun 2 gift, present FT dormio dormire, dormivi verb 4 sleep FT duco ducere, duxi, ductus verb 3 lead, take FT e, ex + ablative (also used as prefix with verbs) preposition from, out of, out FT ecce! indeclinable adverb look! HT effugio effugere, effugi verb 3 escape FT ego mei pronoun I, me HT emo emere, emi, emptus verb 3 buy FT eo ire, i(v)i verb irregular go FT epistula epistulae, f noun 1 letter HT equus equi, m noun 2 horse FT et indeclinable conjunction and HT etiam indeclinable adverb also, even FT exspecto exspectare, exspectavi, exspectatus verb 1 wait for HT facilis facile adjective easy FT facio facere, feci, factus verb 3 make, do FT femina feminae, f noun 1 woman FT fero ferre, tuli, latus verb irregular bring, carry, bear FT ferox ferocis adjective fierce, ferocious HT festino festinare, festinavi verb 1 hurry HT fidelis fidele adjective faithful, loyal FT filia filiae, f noun 1 daughter FT filius filii, m noun 2 son FT fortis forte adjective brave FT forum fori, n noun 2 forum, market place HT frater fratris, m noun 3 brother FT fugio fugere, fugi verb 3 run away, flee HT gravis grave adjective heavy, serious FT habeo habere, habui, habitus verb 2 have FT habito habitare, habitavi, habitatus verb 1 live HT heri indeclinable adverb yesterday FT hic haec, hoc pronoun this, he, she, it FT hodie indeclinable adverb today FT homo hominis, m noun 3 man, human being FT hora horae, f noun 1 hour FT hortus horti, m noun 2 garden FT iam indeclinable adverb now, already FT ianua ianuae, f noun 1 door FT ibi indeclinable adverb there HT igitur indeclinable adverb therefore, and so FT ille ilia, illud pronoun that, he, she, it FT in + ablative (also used as prefix with verbs) preposition in, on in + accusative (also used as prefix with preposition into, onto FT verbs) FT ingens ingentis adjective huge FT inquit verb irregular he/she says, he/she said HT insula insulae, f noun 1 island, block of flats HT intellego intellegere, intellexi, intellectus verb 3 understand, realise HT inter + accusative preposition among, between FT intro intrare, intravi, intratus verb 1 enter HT invenio invenire, inveni, inventus verb 4 find FT invito invitare, invitavi, invitatus verb 1 invite HT ipse ipsa, ipsum pronoun himself, herself, itself, themselves FT iratus irata, iratum adjective angry FT is ea, id pronoun this, that, he, she, it, them HT ita indeclinable adverb in this way, to such an extent, so FT itaque indeclinable adverb and so, therefore

4 Unit A401 word list HT Page 3 OCR 2008 HT iter itineris, n noun 3 journey FT iubeo iubere, iussi, iussus verb 2 order FT iuvenis iuvenis, m noun 3 young man FT laboro laborare, laboravi verb 1 work HT lacrimo lacrimare, lacrimavi verb 1 weep, cry FT laetus laeta, laetum adjective happy FT laudo laudare, laudavi, laudatus verb 1 praise HT lego legere, legi, lectus verb 3 read, choose HT lentus lenta, lentum adjective slow HT leo leonis, m noun 3 lion FT liber libri, m noun 2 book HT libero liberare, liberavi, liberatus verb 1 set free FT libertus liberti, m noun 2 freedman, ex-slave HT locus loci, m noun 2 place FT longus longa, longum adjective long FT magnus magna, magnum adjective big, large, great FT maneo manere, mansi verb 2 remain, stay HT mare maris, n noun 3 sea FT mater matris, f noun 3 mother FT medius media, medium adjective middle FT mercator mercatoris, m noun 3 merchant FT meus mea, meum pronoun my FT miles militis, m noun 3 soldier FT minime indeclinable adverb very little, least, no HT miser misera, miserum adjective miserable, wretched, sad FT mitto mittere, misi, missus verb 3 send HT mons montis, m noun 3 mountain FT mors mortis, f noun 3 death FT mox indeclinable adverb soon FT multus multa, multum adjective much, many FT nam indeclinable conjunction for FT narro narrare, narravi, narratus verb 1 tell, relate HT nauta nautae, m noun 1 sailor HT navigo navigare, navigavi verb 1 sail FT navis navis, f noun 3 ship HT ne indeclinable + subjunctive conjunction that... not, so that... not, lest FT -ne indeclinable particle (introduces question) FT nec, neque indeclinable conjunction and not, nor, neither FT neco necare, necavi, necatus verb 1 kill HT nemo neminis noun irregular no one, nobody FT nihil indeclinable noun irregular nothing FT nolo nolle, nolui verb irregular not want, refuse FT nomen nominis, n noun 3 name FT non indeclinable adverb not HT nonne? indeclinable adverb surely? FT nos nostrum pronoun we, us HT noster nostra, nostrum pronoun our HT novus nova, novum adjective new FT nox noctis, f noun 3 night HT nullus nulla, nullum adjective not any, no HT num? indeclinable particle surely not? HT numquam indeclinable adverb never FT nunc indeclinable adverb now FT nuntio nuntiare, nuntiavi, nuntiatus verb 1 announce FT nuntius nuntii, m noun 2 messenger, message, news FT olim indeclinable adverb once, some time ago FT omnis omne adjective all, every HT ostendo ostendere, ostendi, ostentus verb 3 show FT paene indeclinable adverb almost, nearly FT paro parare, paravi, paratus verb 1 prepare HT pars partis, f noun 3 part FT parvus parva, parvum adjective small FT pater patris, m noun 3 father FT pauci paucae, pauca adjective plural few, a few HT pax pacis, f noun 3 peace FT pecunia pecuniae, f noun 1 money FT per + accusative preposition through, along HT pereo perire, perii verb irregular die, perish HT periculum periculi, n noun 2 danger HT persuadeo persuadere, persuasi + dative verb 2 persuade FT perterritus perterrita, perterritum adjective terrified HT peto petere, petivi, petitus verb 3 make for, seek, beg/ask for

5 Unit A401 word list HT Page 4 OCR 2008 HT pono ponere, posui, positus verb 3 put, place, put up FT porta portae, f noun 1 gate FT porto portare, portavi, portatus verb 1 carry FT possum posse, potui verb irregular can, be able FT post + accusative preposition after, behind HT postquam indeclinable conjunction after, when FT primus prima, primum adjective first HT pro + ablative preposition in front of, for, in return for HT promitto promittere, promisi, promissus verb 3 promise FT prope + accusative preposition near FT puella puellae, f noun 1 girl FT puer pueri, m noun 2 boy FT pugno pugnare, pugnavi verb 1 fight FT pulcher pulchra, pulchrum adjective beautiful, handsome HT punio punire, punivi, punitus verb 4 punish HT quaero quaerere, quaesivi, quaesitus verb 3 search for, look for, ask FT quam indeclinable adverb than HT quam? quam! indeclinable adverb how? how! FT quamquam indeclinable conjunction although HT quantus? quanta? quantum? adjective how big? how much? HT -que indeclinable conjunction and FT qui quae, quod pronoun who, which FT quis? quid? pronoun who? what? HT quo? indeclinable adverb to where? FT quod indeclinable conjunction because HT quomodo? indeclinable adverb how? FT quoque indeclinable conjunction also, too HT quot? indeclinable adjective how many? FT re- (prefix used with verbs) prefix - back HT redeo redire, redii verb irregular go back, come back, return HT relinquo relinquere, reliqui, relictus verb 3 leave, leave behind FT respondeo respondere, respondi, responsus verb 2 reply FT rex regis, m noun 3 king FT rideo ridere, risi verb 2 laugh, smile FT rogo rogare, rogavi, rogatus verb 1 ask, ask for FT Roma Romae, f (Romae: at/in Rome) noun 1 Rome FT Romanus Romana, Romanum adjective Roman FT saepe indeclinable adverb often HT saevus saeva, saevum adjective savage, cruel FT saluto salutare, salutavi, salutatus verb 1 greet FT salve! salvete! (plural) verb imperative hello! FT scio scire, scivi, scitus verb 4 know FT scribo scribere, scripsi, scriptus verb 3 write FT se sui pronoun himself, herself, itself, themselves FT sed indeclinable conjunction but FT sedeo sedere, sedi verb 2 sit FT semper indeclinable adverb always HT senator senatoris, m noun 3 senator FT senex senis, m noun 3 old man HT sentio sentire, sensi, sensus verb 4 feel, notice FT servo servare, servavi, servatus verb 1 save, protect, keep FT servus servi, m noun 2 slave FT si indeclinable conjunction if HT sic indeclinable adverb thus, in this way FT silva silvae, f noun 1 wood FT solus sola, solum adjective alone, lonely, only, on one's own FT specto spectare, spectavi, spectatus verb 1 look at, watch FT statim indeclinable adverb at once, immediately FT sto stare, steti verb 1 stand FT stultus stulta, stultum adjective stupid, foolish FT subito indeclinable adverb suddenly FT sub + accusative/ablative preposition under, beneath FT sum esse, fui verb irregular be HT summus summa, summum adjective highest, greatest, top (of) HT supero superare, superavi, superatus verb 1 overcome, overpower HT surgo surgere, surrexi verb 3 get up, stand up, rise FT suus sua, suum pronoun his, her, its, their (own) FT taberna tabernae, f noun 1 shop, inn FT tam indeclinable adverb so FT tamen indeclinable adverb however FT tandem indeclinable adverb at last, finally FT tantus tanta, tantum adjective so great, such a great

6 Unit A401 word list HT Page 5 OCR 2008 FT templum templi, n noun 2 temple FT teneo tenere, tenui, tentus verb 2 hold FT terra terrae, f noun 1 ground, land, country FT terreo terrere, terrui, territus verb 2 frighten FT timeo timere, timui verb 2 fear, be afraid HT tot indeclinable adjective so many FT totus tota, totum adjective whole HT trado tradere, tradidi, traditus verb 3 hand over FT traho trahere, traxi, tractus verb 3 drag FT tristis triste adjective sad FT tu tui pronoun you (singular) FT tum indeclinable adverb then HT turba turbae, f noun 1 crowd FT tuus tua, tuum pronoun your (singular), yours FT ubi indeclinable adverb where? where, when FT urbs urbis, f noun 3 city, town FT ut indeclinable + subjunctive conjunction that, so that, in order that HT uxor uxoris, f noun 3 wife FT vale! valete! (plural) verb imperative goodbye, farewell! HT vehementer indeclinable adverb violently, loudly HT vendo vendere, vendidi, venditus verb 3 sell FT venio venire, veni verb 4 come FT via viae, f noun 1 street, road, way FT video videre, vidi, visus verb 2 see FT villa villae, f noun 1 house, country villa HT vinco vincere, vici, victus verb 3 conquer, win, be victorious FT vinum vini, n noun 2 wine FT vir viri, m noun 2 man HT vita vitae, f noun 1 life HT vivo vivere, vixi verb 3 live, be alive FT voco vocare, vocavi, vocatus verb 1 call FT volo velle, volui verb irregular want FT vos vestrum pronoun you (plural) FT vox vocis, f noun 3 voice, shout

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