Top 20 Popular Songs by Cardi B (2023)

Cardi B in 2019- Author; Frank Schwichtenberg- Wikimedia Commons

Born in 1992 and known popularly as Cardi B, she has managed to produce millions of hits and even topped the billboard charts quite a number of times. I remember when she blew up, fans talked about how she was gonna give Nicki Minaj ( baddest rapper in the industry), a run for her money. She has actually done that. Cardi is pretty talented and given how she has literally built herself from the ground up, my respect for her keeps growing. Although many find her choice of words to be a bit crass and ghetto, I love how she doesn’t pretend to be someone she isn’t. She loves herself enough to be herself always. So anyway, what are some of her most popular songs? Let’s have a look.

1. UP- Release Year: 2021

Released in 2021, this song is sure a banger. Her rapping style in this song is also pretty amazing. I mean, she has this ability to just rhyme her lyrics in a way that makes the song 100 times better and fun to listen to. Moreover, this song did pretty well for itself seeing as how it topped the charts for a while and trended for quite a while. I mean, it is still a vibe, so that lets you know how good of a hit it is.

2. WAP- Release Year: 2020

I would say this is one of Cardi B’s songs that did amazingly well with its popular phrase, “I don’t cook, I don’t clean.” Released in 2020 during the covid 19 pandemic, the song quite honestly didn’t come to play. The artist herself didn’t expect the song to blow up like that. I remember seeing the WAP trend on every social media platform and it quite amazed me how a song can get the attention of the whole world. That’s when you know that you did a pretty amazing job as an artist.

3. I like it- Release Year: 2018

Released in 2018, this song never ceases to impress me. Mashing up the bachata and hip-hop genre isn’t that easy but with this song, that’s the icing on the cake. It is also quite a vibe that gives you a Cuba kind of feel while at the same time giving you a gangster kind of vibe. See what she did there? She managed to prove that music is really what you make it to be. You can do any style and genre and come up with a gem.

4. Bodak Yellow- Release Year: 2018

(Video) Cardi B Best Songs - Cardi B Greatest Hits Full Album 2021

Every hippie club you go to has this song as its anthem. And we really can’t blame them, to be honest. This song is such a vibe. You will definitely find yourself bobbing your head up and down to the rhythm of its beats. She makes every woman who listens to her, feel all gangster and sexy at the same time. What more do you need? That’s all it takes to be a fan.

5. Finesse (remix)- Release Year: 2016

So in 2016, two of the best artists who do completely different genres came together and did this very amazing piece. Bruno Mars and Cardi are very different in the kind of songs they sing but somehow managing to do this song together and making it a hit and a vibe all at the same time, will forever be something I will be amazed at. Furthermore, its 80s retro and funk vibe make it even better. Honestly, this is my best Cardi B song. You can dance to it so effortlessly and it brings about a nostalgia that makes you feel all good inside. It will never grow old in my book.

6. Motorsport- Release Year: 2018

Released in 2018, this is another masterpiece done by the queen herself. Doesn’t it impress you how she never fails to disappoint? Well, she’s not the only one in the song seeing that they collaborated a number of them (Nicki Minaj and Migos). However, her part is the best! I may be biased because I am a fan but it is what it is, She killed it in this one. No, scratch that. She ate this song up and left no crumbs! The moment this song starts and the beats just blast through your speakers, you are sold. I don’t even know what exactly she talks about all I know is that whenever this song comes up, I get my dancing shoes and flow with its vibe.

FYI: Always use high-quality headphones if you wanna get the full experience with this song.

7. Please Me- Release Year: 2019

Another song she has done with Bruno Mars, this is another of their masterpiece. The fact that it is rhythmic, soft and gangster all at the same time, will forever blow my mind. I mean, it is quite a naughty song but you don’t even notice all that with this song. First of all, the music video was done extremely well so you’re just gonna be stuck watching the dance moves and chemistry she shares with Mars on screen. Believe me, that will get you glued. Other than that, the production of the song was also just marvellous! Released in 2019, the song will never grow old. At least for me it will never.

8. Money- Release Year: 2018

(Video) Cardi B Best Songs - Cardi B Greatest Hits Full Album 2021

This is another very sexy song by Cardi. It has also become an anthem and I love how it makes gold-digging cool. I mean, women are always shamed when they make it clear that they do want someone with money. Then here comes a queen who makes it so clear with this song that that is non-negotiable. I mean, what more would you want? ‘Money’ is such a vibe, to be honest, and I promise you, you won’t get disappointed with it. I mean, it was released in 2018 and yet it is still a vibe.

9. Be careful- Release Year: 2018

I love how this song has also mashed up different genres and styles. I mean, it has a bit of jazz too. A gangster rap song with a bit of Jazz. Do you know how cool that is? Anyway, released in 2018, this song never gets old. Thanks to this, I now know Cardi can also sing. Well, not as good as Beyonce or Adele, but still, she can do it. Thus giving this song a bit of rhythm and melody. I absolutely love how she does it.

10. Shake it- Release Year: 2021

Having done with other popular and talented artists, this song is really good to be honest. The beats have been produced amazingly thus giving it a vibe that makes you want to have it on repeat. Her rapping style in this song is also very impressive. If I were to try it I would definitely bite off my tongue so really, she did well in this one as always.

11. Clout- Release Year: 2019

What makes this song even more amazing is that Cardi did it with her husband. You don’t see that very often. Artists who make their projects a family affair. Although she was a feature, the moment it was released in 2019, the song blew up. And we totally understand why. This husband and wife project is definitely envy for many.

12. Hot Shit- Release Year: 2022

(Video) Cardi B Greatest Hits Full Album 2020 || Best Pop Songs Playlist Of Cardi B 2020

I am not sure how she managed to work with Kanye West in this one seeing as how he is a bit complicated but anyway, she killed. Her part is definitely the best. No shade meant but hey! You actually have to listen to this song and you will be amazed by how it really blows your mind. Released just last year, it is still on the billboard charts thus making you know that it really is hit.

13. Press- Release Year: 2019

I honestly love how gangster Cardi always is. And in this song, she’s no exception. She really did an amazing job and gave it her all. She makes any woman want to go out there, get her bag, live life and not really give a damn about a whole damn of things out there. Things especially that just waste your time.

14. La Modelo- Release Year: 2017

Having done this song Ozuna, it is no surprise that it also hit the charts and did pretty well. The moment it begins with the bachata drums you are sold. It makes you wanna dance, smile and believe that life is all sunny and shiny. I absolutely love this song and anytime I want my spirits lifted, this is definitely one of my to-go-to song. It’s a bit slower and rhythmic and that’s exactly what makes it absolutely unique, beautiful and amazing. The fact that she also managed to get in touch with her Caribbean roots in this song, makes it even more beautiful.

15. Through your phone- Release Year: 2018

This song right here actually hits differently. In this song, Cardi is a bit emotional while talking her truth. And I think that’s the beauty of this song. Released in 2018, it is still such a beautiful and phenomenal song. The fact that she captures the fear of every woman who is in a relationship so beautifully, will always make this song super amazing.

16. Ring- Release Year: 2018

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This is another of my favourites. The moment it starts with that melancholy vibe, I am always sold. I always thought all her songs are naughty and rough and all gangster, until I heard this one. It is quite frankly such a nostalgic one. Believe me, it will put you in your feelings and even cry a bit LOL. Anyway, my point is that is a very sweet song and it is no wonder that having been released in 2018, it is still a popular one. Emotional and Cardi B don’t go hand in hand but this song proved that analogy wrong.

17. Bartier- Release Year : 2017

Released in 2017, Cardi now goes back to her gangster vibe and spits bars that will for sure blow your mind. The production was also done so well and that’s why it honestly managed to top the charts for a while. But anyway, do you expect anything less from Cardi? Hell no!

18. Tomorrow 2- Release Year: 2022

So with song, two of the baddest women rappers came together and produced this masterpiece. Released just last year, the song proved that Cardi still got her game and never ever disappoints. The production was also really, really good. I mean, the beats will definitely make your head bop up and down to its rhythm and make your day.

19. Rodeo- Release Year: 2019

With Lil Nas’ baritone voice, they killed in this one. Released in 2019, this song became such a vibe and of course, Cardi B didn’t disappoint. Her choice of words in this one is not funny but also quite rhyming. I mean, the bars here are quite honestly very impressive.

20. Get Up 10- Release Year: 2018

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(Video) Top 20 Most Viewed Cardi B Songs (2017-2022)

Another emotional song she has done, in this song, Cardi chose to be a bit vulnerable, talking about her journey and it is simply beautiful. The piano ballads mashed up with the hip-hop beats make it a very unforgettable piece of creativity. Any woman struggling to make it in this very unforgiving life, will most definitely relate to her words. I guarantee you, you will even cry especially if you are really going through it. But above everything else, Cardi in this song makes you feel understood and seen. It’s a very encouraging and motivating song.


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