Can YOU tell which women have real boobs and whose are fake? (2023)

BOOBS... whether you want them, have them, hate them or love them, we’ve all got our own unique relationship with them.

But more often than not, it seems women aren’t happy with their lot.


In fact, more than 8,000breast augmentation surgeries were performed in the UK last year, up 6 per cent from the previous year, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

But away from Love Island life and Towie plastic-fantastics can you really tell the difference between a fake and a real pair?

We asked five women to show off their assets; some who paid for them, some of whom would pay to get rid of them and some who wouldn’t change a thing.

Here are their stories…

‘Pole dancing made my boobs bigger'

Travel agent, Silvia Fontana, 27 is married to Tom, 33 a telecommunications engineer. They live in Aldgate, East London, with their one-year-old son Luca. She has REAL boobs.


My breasts are 34C and I have always been happy with their size.

After I stopped breastfeeding I did notice they were slightly smaller.They aren’t as full as they were before I became pregnant.

But, when I look in the mirror, I like what I see. The size of my breasts is in perfect balance with the rest of my body.

My husband is very happy with my body, too. He always has been, even when I became a mum.


I have never thought about having a boob job surgery.It would be too scary to go under the knife. I am surprised so many do it.

I am training to be a yoga teacher and I need to wear comfortable clothing. Luckily the stretchy supportive outfits I wear accentuate my bust really well, too.

My theory is that us women can naturally change the size of our breasts.

I used to do pole dancing twice a week. The moves on the pole use the upper body and the work out made a massive difference to the muscles behind my breasts.


(Video) How to Tell Real Breasts from Fake

As a result they pulled the breasts up making them look fuller and bigger.

I do consider myself someone who can ‘tell’ if another woman has had her breasts enlarged – especially if she removes her clothes.The big mistake women make is to super-size their chest.

I see so many petite women with big boobs. It just doesn’t work and doesn’t look natural.

‘I have days when I wish they were smaller’

Recruitmentconsultant Jessica Chorley Burdett, 30, lives in Bournemouth with her two-year-old daughter. Her boobs are FAKE.

I was bullied during my teen years so I decided to have my boobs enhanced when I turned 21.

I took out a loan for £4,000 and my mum gave me the remaining £250 as a gift.

She knew how much I wanted them done and even looked after me during the seven days recovery period afterwards.

I went from a small 34D without any volume to a 34E. The surgeon was encouraging me to go bigger, but I’m glad I stuck to my guns.

At first I hated them! I hadn't realised they'd swell during the first few days.


But once they settled down I began to appreciate the difference the implants made.

The volume gave me more shape and I started to enjoy how my chest looked in clothes.

During my early twenties I loved dressing to enhance them when I went out with my girlfriends.

When I turned 25 I realised that if I dressed a certain way men would just talk to my chest.I covered them up most days and especially when I was at work.

When I fell pregnant in my mid-twenties my breasts ballooned throughout each trimester going up a cup size every three months.By the time I was due to give birth they were massive - I went to a G.

Fortunately I went back to my E after giving birth to my daughter. While I did try to breastfeed, she wasn’t having any of it and refused to latch on.


It's rare, but there is the odd day I’ll look at them in the mirror and wish they were smaller.

People are surprised and generally positive when they find out I have implants. They don’t look "stuck on" is a common thing I hear.

They do make me feel more confident in myself.While I’d like to lose a few extra pounds all over, I’m really happy with how I look today.


When I had them enlarged it was never about the physical aspect, it was about how I psychologically felt about my body.

Today my breasts are still quite perky and have survived having a child.A decade after having them done I do still like them and I don’t regret my decision.

‘I hate my boobs - I’m saving to have them reduced’

Dancer and model Samantha Fisher, 27 lives in Kent with her boyfriend. Her boobs are REAL.


I’m a 32G and if I think back I can’t ever remember not having big boobs. I went to an all-girls school but my boobs started to grow before all my friends and didn’t seem to stop.

I hated them then and I hate them now.

After school I trained as a dancer and musical theatre performer, but I’ve spent years going to auditions with them bandaged up and strapped down.

Even if I did get the job often I’d lose it once I went for my fittings. They’d realise I had boobs and if I didn’t fit the costume, I’d be out. I’ve lost out on a lot of work because of them.

Ideally, I want to get them reduced to maybe a C or D but the NHS say my case isn’t strong enough, so I’d have to do it privately.

One doctor told me to lose weight. I’m already a size 10 and have never been big but I gave it a go and nothing changed.

I went back and told them it had no effect and they said my boobs weren’t big enough for the reduction and that the side-effects weren’t ‘bad enough’.

I’m now saving what I can to get the surgery done but it’s more expensive than getting a boob job because it’s higher risk. It would set me back about £6,000.

I know there’s a lot of scaring when it comes to having a boob reduction but I don’t care, as long as I had no boobs, I would be so happy.


I suffer from a bad back all the time, they are so heavy that my bra straps dig in and sometimes my bra has left cuts on my shoulders because of the weight.

What frustrates me the most is probably the clothes too, loads of fashion at the moment is delicate fabrics which are low cut and when you have no boobs it looks so classy but if I were to wear it, people would be just getting an eyeful and it looks tacky.

It’s one of the reasons why I have my hair so long too – to hide them.

My boyfriend loves them, of course he does, but it’s not like I can buy sexy bras. All my bras I have to get from either from M&S or House of Fraser and one bra would set me back £40, even if it’s just a gross nude one.

For people who go and pay to have their boobs done to be as big as mine I just want to say: don't.

‘I love my small, perky boobs’

Interpreter Borina Vaughan, 32 has FAKE boobs and lives in North London with her two-year-old daughter Gerina.


(Video) Stars With Real Boobs Vs Fake Boobs

When I finished puberty in my mid-teens my breasts stayed at a 34AA and I was always very self-conscious of them.

At 5ft 2in I am short and today I’m a size 6-8. But even when I put weight on during my early 20s the weight didn’t go to my chest.

I tried not to let it bother me. I’d wear a bikini on holiday with my friends. But in an ideal world I wanted to fix what I saw as a problem area.

I never wanted massive glamour girl ones. I just wanted a small neat small pair of boobs that sat high and perky on my chest.


I got my 34A implants done in February 2015 and they cost £3,000.

When I fell pregnant eight months after I'd had them done they barely increased in size despite my three stone weight gain.

I breastfed my daughter for six months but within a year of giving birth they went back to their normal size.

I’m someone who only feels confident when her body is as perfect as possible so I worked hard to get my figure back in shape.


My boobs are sexy but not OTT either -most people don’t realise I have fake boobs.If you say implants – people think enormous Playboy Mansion Bunny Girls.My chest is discreet and small.

They make me feel incredibly confident and feminine too. I feel like a real woman and that I belong. This small tweak to my body has made me really happy.

I love buying pretty lacy bras, cute bikinis and clothes that show them off.

I'm proof that you can find happiness with yourself and your body by going under the knife."

‘I breastfed for two years and they never went back to how they were’

Actress and model Lucy Madgwick, 31, has REAL boobs and is mum to nine-year-old son Alfie. She lives in Surrey.

When I was at school I was the first girl to get boobs in my class.They really grew when I was about 16 and people accused me of having a boob job.

I’m now a 32F but they have fluctuated.I had my son, Alfie, nine years ago and they shrunk two cup sizes after I stopped breast feeding him from a 32H.

After I stopped they never really went back to how they were before, they are definitely less perky and I have a few more stretchmarks which I’m really conscious of.

Since having a child my relationship with my boobs has really changed too, especially when it comes to sex.I’m no longer with Alfie’s dad but have had other partners since.

Now though, I find it so weird if guys try to suck or nibble on my boobs.

(Video) How to Tell Breasts are Fake

Since having a kid you have this realisation where you’re like, ‘So, that’s why I have boobs’ and I’m now like ‘No, they’re not here to entertain men, there here to raise a baby.’


To be honest, my boobs are just a pain in the a**e, I can’t understand anyone who would want to have a boob job to make them as big as mine.

I suffer from back pain and my bras cutting my shoulders all the time.

I wouldn’t rule surgery out though. I’d have a lift if I could or have them reduced but there is NO WAY I’d make them bigger.

I used to be a really good runner but that’s gone out of the window – I can’t run anywhere, it’s too painful and I’ve read it’s actually bad for your boobs.Now I have to do more static exercise like yoga.

Despite disliking my boobs I’m very confident in the rest of my body.


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How do you tell fake boobs from real boobs? ›

Most women's breasts have 2 or 3 inches of space in the middle, but implants narrow the gap. “If it looks like her breasts are touching in the middle, they're likely fake.” If they're set too high on the chest, instead of around where the armpits are, they're probably implants.

Do fake breasts sink or float? ›

Do breast implants float? The saline and silicone filling that breast implants contain has a similar density to water. Therefore, implants won't cause you to sink or float, either way, no matter their size.

What are fake breasts called? ›

A breast prosthesis is an artificial breast shape that sits inside your bra to replace all or part of your breast. You use a prosthesis after you have surgery to remove the whole breast (mastectomy). There are also prostheses available if you have surgery to remove part of the breast.

How big can fake breasts be? ›

Implant sizes typically range from 80cc to 800 CCs. When a patient opts for larger than 400 CC, without the breast tissue to support the size, the implants can show through the skin, looking awkward.

Can you breastfeed with implants? ›

It is possible for you to breastfeed with implants – but it does depend on the size and placement of the implants and the type of surgery you've had. If the incisions are under the fold of the breast or through your armpit, you should not have any problems breastfeeding.

Is there a way to naturally grow your breasts? ›

According to Healthline, “No food or diet plan has been clinically proven to increase breast size. There are also no supplements, pumps, or creams that can make breasts larger.” Yet on the positive side, there are exercises that can help.

Do balls float in water? ›

Real golf balls don't float because they are denser than water. Fake golf balls float because they are hollow and less dense than the water. But… you've seen golf balls floating with your own eyes! And they look real!

Can you water ski with breast implants? ›

You should be able to enjoy full activity with no restrictions 4 to 6 weeks after a breast augmentation. Physical activity does not cause capsular contractures, so no worries.

Does fat float in water? ›

Fat has a specific gravity of less than 1.0 and floats in water, while both bone and muscle have a specific gravity of slightly more than 1.0.

How long do implants last? ›

The average saline or silicone implants may last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. However, many are removed sooner due to complications or cosmetic concerns. Up to 20 percent of people have their implants removed or replaced within 8 to 10 years.

Can breast size increase after 30? ›

The short answer: It's highly unlikely that you'll be able to alter the shape of your breasts naturally. Changing the size and shape of your breasts often requires a surgical procedure, such as breast augmentation (aka implants). That's because the size of your breasts is determined by a combination of your: genetics.

Do breast implants hurt? ›

You may feel sore for 2 to 3 weeks, and you'll likely have a lot of swelling. You may have a pulling or stretching feeling in your breast area. You can expect to feel better and stronger each day, although you may need pain medicine for a week or two. You may get tired easily or have less energy than usual.

Which size of breast is best? ›

More generally, men and women prefer bigger cup sizes, namely C, D, and DD. Over six out of ten women (60.4%) said that their ideal bust size is a C cup, compared with just over one in two men (53.6%).

What is the most popular breast size? ›

Your breasts are unique

The average bra size in the United States is 34DD. This figure can vary by country.

How can I hide my breast implants from family? ›

You can control how much people notice your breasts with your clothing and underwear choices. Wearing looser tops with a modest neckline and a regular, non-push-up bra can easily keep your augmentation incognito.

What can't you do with breast implants? ›

Refrain from getting your breasts wet – either in a bath, shower or pool, for the first weeks after your surgery. Don't smoke. Smoking negatively impacts your body's ability to heal after a surgery. Don't wear an underwire bra, which can not only be painful but also prevent your breast implants from settling properly.

Can you produce milk without being pregnant? ›

Can you lactate when you're not pregnant? Yes, it's possible to lactate if you're not pregnant. Inducing lactation is a complex process that usually involves using hormone-mimicking drugs for several months to produce milk. The second part of lactation is expressing the milk through your nipple.

Will pregnancy ruin my breast implants? ›

Pregnancy shouldn't affect your implants, though it's normal for your breasts to change during and after your pregnancy, which can lead you to be less happy with your breasts postpartum. Most people are also able to safely and successfully breastfeed with implants.

Why does breast size increase after marriage? ›

Marriage doesn't affect breast size

While no one knows exactly who started the rumor that marriage increases breast size, people have passed around this myth for centuries. The most likely explanation for this is conceiving a child or traditional weight gain after marriage.

Does breast massage increase breast size? ›

No, it's not true. Touching or massaging breasts does not make them grow. There's a lot of wrong information about breast development out there. Some of the things you may hear are outright cons — like special creams or pills that make breasts bigger.

How do I make my breasts feel good? ›

Breast massage therapy can ease the breasts' sensitivity and provide better blood circulation to the breast. Gentle massage can also increase milk supply. Massage can help warm up and loosen the tissues around the breasts' milk ducts and help the milk flow.

Why do balls float? ›

All bowling balls under 12 pounds will float, because their density is less than that of water. Archimedes' Principal says when you put something in water, it displaces its weight in water. The 8-pound ball displaces 8 pounds of water, but the ball also takes up more volume than 8 pounds of water, so it floats.

Will a football sink or float? ›

A football floats because it contains plenty of air. Air is less dense than water. A football is a combination of a plastic outer shell and air interior. Overall the football is not very dense.

What happens if you put a baseball in water? ›

Baseballs do float but they start to sink as water enters the holes along their stitching. If you watch any home runs fly into the water in San Francisco or Pittsburgh, you'll see the balls float initially. Someone usually jumps in the water or swims by in a kayak before the balls have a chance to sink.

Do implants get cold? ›

Breast implants, silicone or saline, do change temperature. In the summer months they will warm up and in winter they cool down. The reason is that the implants sit under your skin and breast tissue but outside of your chest cavity.

Do breast implants make you feel hot? ›

These sensations are dependant on types and frequency of activities and the size of the implants. The capsule that forms around the implant and attaches to the muslce can tear or stretch with activity creating inflammation which feels warm.

What should you not do after breast augmentation? ›

What Should You Avoid After a Breast Augmentation?
  1. Don't Wear an Underwire Bra. ...
  2. Don't Sleep On Your Stomach or Side. ...
  3. Don't Take Aspirin. ...
  4. Don't Take Medications Unless Prescribed. ...
  5. Don't Shower. ...
  6. Don't Swim. ...
  7. Don't Sit in the Sun. ...
  8. Don't Engage in Strenuous Activities.

Can men float? ›

The average male has a density of 0.98g/cm3, and the average female 0.97g/cm3. Most human beings will float to a certain degree, and females generally float better than males.

Can big people float? ›

So Do Fat People Float? In general, fat people float better than lean people. However, it is a person's overall composition, not necessarily their size, that dictates their buoyancy and how well they will float in water. The higher a person's body fat percentage is, the easier it will be for them to float.

Can you be too fat to swim? ›

However, swimming is nowhere near limited to those movements and exercises, especially for beginners that are carrying a bit of extra weight on their body. The truth is that these classic strokes are very likely, at least at first, to be too strenuous for overweight people to accomplish, and they might lead to injury.

What are gummy bear breast implants? ›

“Gummy bear” is the non-scientific term for form-stable or highly cohesive silicone gel implants. They are considered form-stable — and like gummy bears — because they hold their shape even when the implant shell is broken. The gel inside is thick, rather than liquid.

Do breast implants leave scars? ›

Breast augmentation scarring will be visible immediately after your surgery and may look more pronounced as you start to heal. Most patients tend to see their final scars about 18 months after healing; these scars may appear light pink or white in color.

What is the best material for breast implants? ›

Silicone breast implants are the most natural-feeling option. They consist of a silicone shell filled with silicone gel. Silicone implants look and feel more like natural breast tissue and are the preferred material for many patients. Silicone implants are approved by the FDA for patients 22 and older.

How do you tell if implants are under the muscle? ›

There is a simple test for this. If you place your hands on your hips and press inwards this contracts the muscle of your chest. If the implants are behind the muscle the top of the implant will flatten. If they are over the muscle the breast implants will not flatten because they are not being squeezed by the muscle.

How long does breast implants last? ›

On average, today's implants are designed to last more than a decade, with the chance of rupture increasing by one percent each year. So, the older your implants are, the greater your risk of rupture or other complications. In many cases, breast implants can remain in good shape for 20 years or more.

How long do implants last? ›

The average saline or silicone implants may last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. However, many are removed sooner due to complications or cosmetic concerns. Up to 20 percent of people have their implants removed or replaced within 8 to 10 years.

Can breast implants move? ›

Your breast implant is moving or rotating

It is normal for breast implants to settle into a slightly different position over time. It is not normal for implants to move to a dramatically different location on the chest wall. This is called implant displacement, and there are several ways an implant can shift.

What is the most common size breast implant? ›

Popular implant size – The most popular size for breast implants is between 350 to 400 cc. For most patients, this would look like a small to a large C cup. In fact, all of the top 5 most popular sizes are between 350 to 500 cc.

Do nipples get bigger after breast augmentation? ›

They might stretch slightly because of the larger volume of the breasts, but it is rare for them to get substantially bigger. Swelling in the weeks immediately following surgery can cause the nipples to look puffier than normal. This should dissipate over time.

How does vampire breast lift work? ›

A vampire breast lift (VBL) augments your breasts without surgery. Providers inject platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to improve skin texture and make your breasts appear fuller. Side effects are minimal, but may include bruising, swelling and tenderness, and there's no downtime.

Do breast implants hurt? ›

You may feel sore for 2 to 3 weeks, and you'll likely have a lot of swelling. You may have a pulling or stretching feeling in your breast area. You can expect to feel better and stronger each day, although you may need pain medicine for a week or two. You may get tired easily or have less energy than usual.

Can your body reject breast implants years later? ›

Breast Implants And Rejection

Doctors say that medically, your body doesn't 'reject breast implants. ' Medical rejection means when the immune system reacts to foreign tissue. For instance, there can be a rejection after a heart or kidney transplant.

What age is recommended for breast implants? ›

Minimum Age for Breast Implants

Even if your breasts appear to be fully developed by 16, we recommend waiting until at least 18 before having breast augmentation surgery. The FDA-recommended minimum age for breast implants is: 18 years old for saline implants. 22 years old for silicone implants.

Do implants look bigger over or under the muscle? ›

Breast implants placed on top of the muscle (subglandular) tend to look less natural than implants placed under the muscle. Think of placing implants on top of the muscle vs. under the muscle as if you were to place something under a sheet vs. a blanket.

Can a breast implant flip? ›

Flipping of a breast implant is a known complication following implant placement. It is not a common condition but is not rare either. Breast implants can flip if the pocket created during implant placement is larger than required, which gives enough room for the implants to flip/ rotate.

Can lifting weights affect breast implants? ›

Weightlifting provides many health and body-contouring benefits. For the majority of women with implants, regular exercise with weights will not affect the implants. The only women who might need to consider their options for breast implants are female bodybuilders.


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