90 Day Fiancé: 10 Things You Need To Know About Kara Bass (2023)

90 Day FiancénewcomerKara Bass caused a stir last month when fans accused her of faking her high-school reunion to add drama to her storyline. The reunion scene allowed an opportunity for her ex-boyfriend to announce that Kara had cheated on him. The conversation led Guillermo to distrust his fiancée and question their future together.

Viewers first met Kara on season 9 of the series, when her Venezuelan fiancé, Guillermo Rojer, moved to Virginia on a K-1 visa to pursue their relationship. Kara may have a knack for creating controversy, but she's also a woman of many talents. The reality star is a singer, a dancer, a realtor, a balloon artist, a world traveler and an entrepreneur, among other things. Given her many interesting endeavors and her bubbly personality, fans are eager to learn more about Kara.

KaraMet Guillermo In A Unique Way

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Kara met her Venezuelan bartender fiancé Guillermo while they were both in the Dominican Republic for work. She was in town planning a business-related event. Kara and a coworker went to a local restaurant for a meeting, and Guillermo was their waiter.Kara has said of the pair's first encounter, "I was literally just sitting at the table with my computer, working with my colleague, when this waiter strolled up to our table and said, 'Ladies, it's tequila time!' I was like, 'Damn, he's cute.'"

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They began dating, and Kara moved tothe island country to be closer to Guillermo soon after. The couple is among several 90 Day cast members whose love stories have ties to the Dominican Republic. Anny Francisco, Luis Mendez and Pedro Jimeno arejust a few of show's memorable Dominican stars.

Kara Is A Realtor

Kara has worked in many industries over the years. She's been a performer, a model, a balloon artist and more, but it looks like she's now focusing on a career in real estate. Like many 90 Day stars, Kara is a licensed realtor.It appears she's been working as an agent with Keller Williams Realty for at least the past year and even has an Instagram profile for her job. Kara sells property in her hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia and surrounding areas.

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Even though Kara likely makes a decent living, the couple's finances still produced one of the mostmemorable 90 Day season 9 red-flagarguments. She wanted a simple courthouse wedding, while Guillermo, who can't work on a K-1 visa, wanted an expensive celebration.

Kara Has A Meaningful Tattoo

Many 90 Day stars have incredible tattoos, and Kara is no exception. She has a sweet tribute to her late father on the inside of her arm. The tattoo reads, "Top of the Mountain," and in a lengthyInstagram caption the dancer explained the phrase's significance.

Kara explained her father purchased land on top of a mountain, where he would later get married, form friendships, and raise his children, including her. He'd even answer the phone with the saying. Kara's father passed away in 2019, while she was dating Guillermo, who helped her through the loss. The couple appears to have a strong support system in each other, as Kara was by Guillermo's side a few years later when his brother died of renal failure.

Kara Speaks Fluent Spanish

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During a recent Q&A on Instagram, Kara revealed how she learned Spanish fluently. The reality star displayed a photo and clarified, "This is Jasmin. She's been one of my best friends for a long time." According to Kara, Jasmin and her family, who are Salvadoran,taught her the language.

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She went on to say that between Jasmin's family, her own career in Latin dance, listening to music in Spanish, and living in the Dominican Republic, she's had several opportunities to refine her skills. Kara is one of very few Americans on the show who has taken the time to learn their partner's language.

Kara Is An Award-Winning Competitive Dancer

Kara is a competitive Latin dancer, who has won global championships. She has performed all over the world, including at the New Zealand World Latin Dance Cup, where she earned two medals. Kara and her partner's dance came in second place, and her solo performance won her third place.

According to her Instagram, Kara has danced competitively as a soloist, as well as with a partner, in styles such as Latin ballroom, bachata, and salsa, among others. She has also performed at resorts in the Dominican Republic and for other non-competition crowds.

Kara Makes Balloon Art

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There's no doubt that Kara is multi-talented. The reality star has a long resume filled with experiences in an array of different fields. However, she also has an interesting side hustle. Kara freelances as a balloon artist, creating archways, backdrops, and decorativeinstallationsfor events.

It appears Kara's put her helium-inflated ambitions aside, at least temporarily, to focus on real estate. However, viewers got a taste of her artistry on a recent episode, when she and Guillermo created a a festive balloon display for her high school reunion. Guillermo, who is easily one of the most likeable 90 Day season 9 stars, was extremely patient while Kara bossed him around as he helped blow up balloons.

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Kara Is A Taurus

Kara was born on May 11th, making her Zodiac sign a Taurus. Astrology.com explains, those born under a Taurus sign can be particularly stubborn and Kara has been accused of being controlling towards Guillermo. But the sign can also be practical and realistic--as is evident in the couple's wedding planning arguments. Taurus people are often artistic as well, and Kara, who is a singer, a dancer, and a performer, definitely fits that bill.

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Guillermo, on the other hand, is a Sagittarius. According to the website, a Taurus/Sagittarius pairing can be difficult because the signsposses very different traits. Rose Vega and Big Ed, who are no longer together, were a notable Taurus/Sagittarius couple as well. However, if given time and patience, the relationship can blossom.

Kara Is A Singer

In addition to Kara's many artistic endeavors, she is also one of the 90 Day stars with unexpected businesses. Kara is a singer who spent two years performing in China. Based on her Instagram links, her performances featured covers of popular songs by famous artists such as Rihanna, John Legend, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce.

Kara's shows were quite the spectacle, many featuring acrobatics, ornate costumes, energetic backup dancers, and glamorous sets. It's unclear if she was performing for a specific company, but she often appeared to besinging for large crowds, many of whom were singing and dancing along with her.

KaraIs A World Traveler

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Kara has been traveling for most of her adult life. She's mentioned that she has lived in four countries and has posted Instagram pictures in places such as the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, the Czech Republic, and China. With Kara's penchant for entertaining, and Guillermo's mixologist skills, the couple will likely be able to support themselves wherever they end up.

While Charlottesville, Virginia is her home base, Kara also does quite a bit of domestic traveling as well. She's posted images of herself incities all over the U.S. including Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Many of her trips appear to be for both work and pleasure, as she seems always be on her way to or from a performance.

Kara Is The VP Of A Fashion Photography Company

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According to her LinkedIn page, Kara is the vice president of a company called MAU Productions. The business provides "a constant stream of unique and vibrant media in bulk quantities for your online marketing needs" by working with wholesalers to create photography-based content for retailers.

Kara's profilestates that"she brings an extensive entrepreneurial background to the MAU team." The company held its first annual conference in the Dominican Republic in 2019. That is likely the event Kara was planning when she met Guillermo. Based on MAU's website and socials, the company is either no longer in business or has not been particularly active online.

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(Video) Kara Bass Accepts How She Was Portrayed In 90 Day Fiancé Season 9


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